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Halifax Ins - probably the worst insurance company in the world.

Examples of failures.

If I could give this a negative score I would. We had a fire in January 2021, and we are still trying to get work completed. We took the Halifax 5* defaqto ultimate policy, and honestly, it's not worth the paper it's written on, I wouldn't like to see the cover given in the basic plan. They hire sub-optimal building companies and pass all their queries through their loss adjuster, also of a very poor standard. We have found them unhelpful, obstructive, and rude at times. We got no project manager so have had to project manage a massive job ourselves. So far we've submitted 2 formal complaints, all of which were found to be valid and we got compensated, we now have 2 further complaints lodged. But despite this nothing ever gets done, so Halifax must not follow up to determine if changes have taken place. In our policy, we have matching sets cover, and I'd like to know what this covers as it can't be found anywhere on the website or information book. They have so far tried to build a gable wall in 2 different bricks, and join a completely different fascia board into the pre-existing one, saying this isn't included in having to be done matching! You couldn't write it. Avoid at all costs!

Burst pipe..not covered under burst pipe Today, Sunday, September 19 2021 I discovered a water leak in the dining room. The leak was within one of the walls. I contacted Halifax Insurance as I have an emergency policy with them. The policy document states under what is covered ' Failure of, or damage to, the plumbing or drainage system which will result in water damage inside YOUR HOME.' This includes 'burst pipes' and other items... On phoning the emergency number I was told that seek and discovery was not covered. ie as the leak was not visible it was not covered. ie...the leaking pipe was not visible. I think all houses will have water pipes and electric cables within the walls. Taps perhaps? No. These were not covered. What then was covered. Leaking pipes that were easily seen. There are none that I could see. Misleading? Dishonest, I think both. Insurance in name only - avoid Absolutely not worth the paper it is written on and it seems they have a way to weasel their way out of any responsibility.

In our case, our underground pipework has become infested with tree roots - typically covered by home insurance, but not by Halifax (or Lloyds Banking Group more specifically). From the initial call where scare tactics were used to get me to avoid making a claim (my yearly premium will go up) to the careful use of language to entrap me or not reveal what I needed to know - just a painful, expensive and utterly useless product. Other insurers cover this, the advice is to use Aviva whose insurance is actually insurance and not basically a scam. Avoid. They won't ever settle a claim.

The boiler was condemned at the beginning of January 2021 during a service. Because they didn't condemn it themselves (as i always call out my insurance company for services) the emergency boiler cover was not applicable!!!!!! I froze during a -15C spell during the January lockdown as to source a new boiler and the engineer took weeks. I cancelled soon after once I'd checked reviews and argued with the same woman a few times about what a joke it was. I realised nobody gets a claim sorted. I switched my car insurance too. I'd never claimed but imagine that the service would be just as bad. Total con artists, do not touch or ever take a policy out with these people. Would not recommend!!

You only know how good a company is when there is an issue to resolve! I have never claimed on home insurance. After a recent storm, our wall came down. Their 'independent' company said, 'the storm highlighted a weakness in the wall'. Well, if there was no storm the wall would still be standing! Plus the wall is 3.5m tall so would not just fall down. Even after appealing and providing a surveyor report, they refused to payout. Avoid at all costs!

Having bought Halifax Home Insurance I was persuaded to add AZP HE 24 hour Emergency Cover. What a waste of money. Today I called them at 7.24 am to report an emergency. I had no electricity so no hot water, no internet, no way to cook or boil a kettle, and the fridge and freezer were not working. They promised to call me back shortly and it is now 10 hours later and I haven't heard from them. I tried to call the insurers back but each time ended up in a queue. Eventually, a friend helped me to isolate the problem and I have now booked an electrician to fix it in a couple of days. But at least I now have power and hot water. I will now cancel the so-called 'emergency cover' and will ask the insurers to repay my monthly payments as clearly they have been taken under false pretenses. Terrible service, not to be recommended.

We have both regular and emergency insurance with them. The regular one refused to cover roof damage caused by a storm. The emergency one sent a guy who, from his car, told us it was too high and needed scaffolding ( even though we stated it is 3 floors on the claim). After 4 days we have been informed that a useless visit (no inspection whatsoever) was charged at £140. They are stealing your money. The quote for scaffolding is triple the amount you would normally pay to discourage you from claiming anything. It's been 4 days, nobody had a look at the roof and it is raining indoors ( emergency cover apparently) It is a fraud.

And the list goes on!